“I am so happy that I joined the group this year...  When we arrived at the airport it was a wonderful greeting. The African family greeted us with a wonderful tribal dance, it was awesome. So far the experience has been beautiful. Sista Shanice has a jam packed programme for us.  We’ve done quite a lot of trips so far and we are enjoying Africa and the experience.  More of us need to come out and enjoy this wonderful place.”




“Oh, you cannot put money to the experience and what I paid to get here, I’m getting more value for money, worth every penny and we’re getting more than what I paid for.”

Irritated Genie.png



“It has been one of my best experiences on the African continent ever.  We have such a great leader, Sista Shanice, absolutely amazing organiser.  I want everybody out there at Galaxy Radio and the UK family to know that the next time this sister say’s that she is taking a group to Africa, you better get your ticket that day.”  




This is my first time coming to Zimbabwe and I must say its absolutely beautiful.  Don’t listen to all the news reports that you see on the TV and on the radio, its all propaganda. This is a beautiful country I don’t know why we as a Black people are not flooding to Africa and African countries, Zimbabwe to see the beauty of it, we have so much to be proud of… absolutely stunning.”




“Fantastic, had a brilliant time.  Beautiful weather. The sun is beautiful because it doesn’t burn your skin. You get that natural sheen which we women love.  The food was very good once we got it sorted it was brilliant.  Lots to see and lots more to see.  It’s an adventure, a great experience and made some great friendships…. What a laugh we’ve had..”




“Marvelous!! People are nice, sunshine, it was fantastic, Zimbabwe is amazing. Everyone should come to Zimbabwe.”   



“Its been fantabolus.  I was thinking Calafornia had it all but now I’m home I’m feeling so much warmth, all.  the people are good, the music good, the people are good, our tour guide is so good.  I’m so happy to be here.  I feel at home.  I don’t have the tension that I have when I’m in captivity in California…. The first day my whole trip was worth it… next year I’m going to have more people from the USA than you have from the UK”




“It’s a beautiful place (Ancient City Lodge).  You would never expect it and Sista Shanice has done us proud by having this find and having this amazing apartment.  We feel like royalty, coming to the ancestors, and feeling such peace and tranquility.  It’s an amazing place to be” 




Absolutely fantastic. I’m still processing and digesting what I’ve seen & what I’ve felt and it’s going to take a long time because there was so much.  It was an adventurous holiday, it was full packed and I just thank Sista Shanice for the hard work and time she’s invested in making it such a memorable time.  I’m so emotional…. It was fantastic.”




“It was a wonderful journey, and I’d ask everybody, if you have the opportunity and have time you must  join the Starlight and go to Zimbabwe.  You are going home, you are going to your family, you’re going to friends, and its will have a beautiful, beautiful land and beautiful people.  The most important thing is the family whom we went with, the people we traveled with are family, brothers and sisters

This experience will be imprinted in mind forever and its beautiful.  Thank you sista Shanice and thank you to everybody and thank you to Zimbabwe as well.”  Mustafa October 2018




It was simply fantastic. What a wonderful experience, what a wonderful country. What a wonderful group of people, absolutely fantastic, breath taking, lost for words… I’ll be back for 2019




“Absolutely amazing. It was a dream. Steve said it was like living a dream and it was.  It was the most incredible experience, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  And I would encourage anyone that needs to think about coming out to Zimbabwe with Starlight Global to go for it.  It was the most incredible experience, one I will treasure forever. Thank you Shanice for giving everyone the opportunity through your vision, to get out to see Zimbabwe and meet such wonderful people, the vibe was great, it was amazing, I loved every part of it, thank you again.”



“It was an exciting and educational trip for the Galaxy family, for those at home and those abroad.  So we are here to bring back the good vibration and the good messages so we can advance with progress and prosperity.  There’s land, there’s gold there’s diamonds there’s all different types of minerals that’s there for us.  There’s land for cultivating food, what more can we want in mama land”




It was beautiful, it was truly beautiful.  So much to see, so much to learn.  There was a lot all combined in the delegates package.  Words cannot explain because of the wonders.”




“…The clubs are like Kingston Jamaica.  Where the girls get down to much fun.  They were dancing on the tables, they were all about just like Kingston Jamaica, so they were not missing anything as Africans in them.  So when you see the girls are dancing a yard (in Jamaica) its here (Zimbabwe that they get it from”




“I lived a dream, absolutely fabulous trip.  I done things I wanted to do and things I was not supposed to do…..there was soo much to do, I am actually coming back to England for a rest… I’m looking forward to 2019”




“Wow, it’s the most beautiful country.  I have been fortunate to have traveled to a number of different countries in Africa, and its interesting to me how each state is unique.  I’ve found Zimbabwe, because of my preconceive ideas, has changed a lot.”



“Anyone who hasn’t been to Zimbabwe really has to go on this package holiday, it was outstanding!!! And the best thing about it is I’m going again.” 




 “I am out of breath, but it was such a wonderful achievement (climbing Dombashava). I think going up and down this place has really taught us that if you go the extra mile, then you can really achieve greatness.  It’s fantastic to see the history of this place, I feel so great, I feel I can achieve anything now.  I can see people behind me also who have conqured it and their personal achievement levels must rise. Thank you very much for the opportunity” 



“Its been fantastic!!  I celebrated my 60th birthday with a great group of people, all happy, all harmonious, we just had a fantastic time and I am coming back again”